FAQ: What is architectural window film made of?

FAQ: What is architectural window film made of?

3M Insulating / Sun Control, Safety & Security, Fasara Glass Finishes, and Dichroic Glass Finishes are made of polyester. 3M Dusted and Frosted Crystals are made of vinyl.

Polyester is the skeleton of most window films. When you hold a piece in your hand, you’re holding a sheet of polyester. Added to one side of the polyester sheet is an insulated coating to reduce heat transfer (for tinted films only) and then a layer of adhesive so that the film sticks to the glass. Added to the other side of the polyester sheet is an abrasion-resistant coating to provide the film longevity.

Each of these layers plays to 3M Company’s strengths. After all, 3M is a company that manufactures 40,000 different products, most of which are made of various layers of material.

3M is one of the world’s few companies that can extrude polyester. It does so for the manufacture of many of its 40,000 different products, of which window film is one. 3M is also a world leader in adhesives, producing tapes that can replace bolts, rivets, and other metal fasteners. Finally, 3M is a leader in abrasion-resistance, leveraging 100+ years of experience in manufacturing sandpaper (the ultimate abrader).

3M Dusted and Frosted Crystal Finishes are vinyl films, which look similar to polyester, but handle and install differently. They, too, feature special coatings for abrasion-resistance and adhesion. 3M is a leader in vinyl production, using it extensively in many of its graphic films and flexible tapes.

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