Job Hunting? Here’s Why You Should Consider the Architectural Film Industry

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What is the Architectural Film Industry?

Architectural films include window films, decorative glass finishes, and architectural finishes that transform existing surfaces for improved performance and aesthetics. These solutions are designed for commercial, residential, and government use and provide an affordable, easy-to-implement, and high-performance alternative to window replacement, traditional frosted glass, and building renovation. This has made architectural films a popular choice for architects, designers, engineers, property managers, school administrators, and homeowners seeking to upgrade the comfort, appearance, and utility of their property.

Benefits of Window Film Jobs in the Architectural Film Industry

  • High Current Demand for Skilled Window Film Installers – The most common problem facing the architectural film industry is skilled labor. Window film dealers are constantly searching for qualified film technicians who are reliable, hardworking, and talented. When you become a film technician, you’ll enjoy excellent window film job prospects.
  • Flourishing Industry with Abundant Growth Prospects – The architectural film industry is experiencing rapid growth, with great prospects for continued expansion. The first patent for window film was approved in 1966, so the industry is relatively new and market penetration is still low, indicating significant growth potential. An additional boon for the industry are the products themselves. Our low-emissivity window film products provide a sustainability solution that lowers the carbon footprint of existing buildings without the expense, downtime, and construction waste of renovation. In addition, our security films have become increasingly popular as storefronts, commercial buildings, and schools take action to address vulnerable areas of the building envelope – namely, windows and exterior glass doors. 
  • Attractive Pay and Benefits for Window Film Jobs – Qualified architectural film technicians can expect market-based compensation, bonuses, vacation, and retirement benefits. In fact, the average starting salary for a full-time film technician is $75,000 per year. That’s on par with or more than the average starting salary for college graduates, and your training will cost a lot less and take much less time than earning an undergraduate degree.
  • Industry-Specific Career Placement WebsiteCareer Connect, powered by Energy Products Distribution, launched as the first and only career placement site dedicated to the architectural (and automotive) film industry. Career Connect helps both employers and prospective employees seeking window film jobs connect about career opportunities. Once you’ve completed installation training, register as a candidate and post your resume for prospective employers in your area. There is no cost associated with using Career Connect as a candidate. For employers wanting enhanced access to Career Connect, we offer a premium employer access subscription, and 100% of the proceeds support a worthy industry cause – Tinters for a Cause.

Careers in the Industry: Window Film Jobs & More

  • Train as an Architectural Window Film Installer – Are you interested in hands-on work in a skilled trade that affords you a competitive compensation package and excellent long-term prospects? Consider a career as a film technician. No prior experience is necessary. Simply register for one of EPD’s upcoming installation training courses, and once you’ve completed your training, you’ll be eligible to join Career Connect as a candidate for hire. On our platform, we’ll help you find a job with an employer in your area and provide the resources you need to thrive in your new window film job.
  • Join the Industry as an Architectural Film Salesperson – Do you have a background in business development or sales? There are plenty of opportunities in the architectural film industry that don’t require technical installation skills – especially in business development. If you’re passionate about helping business owners, property managers, designers, and architects to improve the utility and performance of their windows, enhance the comfort and design of their interior spaces, and boost sustainability by lowering energy utilization, then this could be the perfect fit for your next career move.
  • Become a 3M Certified Window Film Dealer – Are you entrepreneurial-minded and eager to start a business in the architectural film industry? Or perhaps you already have a business, and you’re looking to partner with brands that can help you grow. Consider becoming a 3M dealer. When you partner with EPD as a 3M Dealer, you’ll benefit from the strength of the 3M brand and its innovative product offerings, as well as a powerful toolkit from EPD, including installation training programs, sales support, marketing assistance, a dedicated Partner Portal, rebates, co-op advertising, and a business listing on our dealer locator.

Find Training, Opportunities & Career Resources for Window Film Jobs at EPD

Take the first step in your window film career path. Browse upcoming training courses at EPD University online. Have questions about window film jobs, the architectural film industry, or our training programs? Get in touch with EPD for more information.
Already have film installation experience? Then you’re eligible to register as a Career Connect candidate seeking employment in the architectural film industry.

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