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726 Caratoke Highway, Mayock, NC, USA

Car Window Tinting Services in Moyock, North Carolina

WAO Garage is a 3M Pro Shop Dealer offering car window tinting services in Moyock, North Carolina. Their service area encompasses Hampton Roads, VA; Northeastern NC; and the OBX. Founded in 2018, WAO Garage has quickly become the go-to spot for automotive window tinting and other car services within their region. Their 3M Pro Shop Dealer designation illustrates their elite level of expertise and commitment to providing a top-tier customer experience. WAO’s auto window tint installation services increase comfort for drivers and protect vehicles’ interiors by reducing glare, mitigating heat gain, and blocking UV rays.

WAO Garage offers 3M’s complete product line of car window tint solutions. WAO’s window film technicians are trained to help customers select the variety of tint that best suits their functional and aesthetic requirements. Choose from 3M Obsidian, 3M Ceramic IR, and 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Tints depending on the amount of heat rejection and visible light transmission you desire.

In addition to automotive window tinting, WAO Garage provides a number of other services, including PPF application, car wraps, residential window tinting, commercial window tinting, and more.


Other Automotive Solutions: PPF, Car Wraps, & More

Consider WAO Garage your one-stop shop for all aftermarket car upgrades. One of their most popular car upgrades is paint protection film (PPF) installation. PPF provides a layer of invisible protection to preserve your vehicle’s paint job. The film shields against road debris, inclement weather, bird droppings, and other threats that can damage your car’s exterior. WAO Garage also offers vinyl car wraps for those who want to switch up their vehicle’s appearance. Completely transform your ride with an endless variety of custom car wraps. For your convenience, WAO also provides car detailing, maintenance, inspection, and restoration services, as well as tire and wheel services.

3M Prestige Dealer for Residential & Commercial Window Film

After experiencing the benefits of 3M Window Film on their cars, many clients return to WAO Garage for window tinting services for their homes and businesses. From improved temperature control and UV protection to augmented security and enhanced privacy, there is a 3M window film that will meet your needs. Contact WAO Garage for a free window film consultation!


  • Automotive Window Tinting
  • Automotive Detailing & Protection
  • Maintenance, Services, & Inspection
  • Vehicle Restoration
  • Vinyl Car Wraps
  • Fleet Services
  • Tire & Wheel Services
  • Commercial Window Tinting
  • Residential Window Tinting

WAO Garage

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