The Difference Between 3M Dusted Crystal and 3M Frosted Crystal


Transform your space with the elegant touch of 3M Decorative Finishes, enhancing both privacy and aesthetics in any room. With options like 3M Dusted Crystal and 3M Frosted Crystal, it’s easy to achieve that perfect balance between style and function. However, understanding the difference between these two finishes can be confusing. In this article, we’ll explore the unique characteristics of 3M Dusted Crystal and 3M Frosted Crystal, as well as the overall benefits of 3M Crystal Finishes.

3M Dusted Crystal vs. 3M Frosted Crystal

3M Dusted and Frosted Crystal are two of the most popular choices for adding privacy and visual interest to glass surfaces. While they appear similar at first glance, there is a key difference between the two – the type of glass they resemble. 3M Frosted Crystal has a slightly rougher texture that mimics the look of etched glass, while 3M Dusted Crystal has a smoother, sandblasted texture. Both are available in translucent white, while Frosted Crystal also comes in a gold option. An additional difference is that 3M Dusted Crystal is available in four sizes, while 3M Frosted Crystal is available in three. Whether you are looking for a classic or contemporary look, both of these options from 3M offer a versatile and visually stunning solution for enhancing your space.

3M Dusted Crystal

3M Frosted Crystal

The Benefits of 3M Dusted and Frosted Crystal Finishes

3M Crystal Finishes are cost-effective alternatives to sandblasted or etched glass. They are ⅓ of the price of actual glass while still offering the same benefits of privacy and light dispersion. The product can be used in an endless variety of applications on both exterior and interior glass. Common installation sites include doors, ceilings, staircases, windows, partitions, corridors, and balconies.

For projects that require a level of customization and personalization, 3M Crystal Finishes offer a variety of processing options. They can be digitally printed using inkjet or screen printing with UV-cured or solvent inks. They are also an ideal film for custom shapes and logos, as the translucent polyester liner makes for easy cutting and weeding.

There is a growing emphasis on creating spaces that promote openness and natural light. Yet, the need for privacy cannot be ignored. This is where 3M Dusted and Frosted Crystal Finishes come in – they provide a practical solution that allows for the flow of natural light while maintaining privacy. In a world where privacy is increasingly important, 3M Crystal Finishes offer a compelling solution for glass surfaces that is both elegant and practical.

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