3M Scotchgard Pro Series Matte

Matte paint on vehicles has become trendy in recent years. Many owners have their vehicles repainted with a matte finish in the aftermarket while some car and truck manufacturers offer it as original equipment. Either way, matte paint is an investment and requires more ongoing maintenance than standard high gloss paint. 3M’s Pro Series Matte satin paint protection film does for matte paint what 3M’s Pro Series Gloss PPF does for regular paint – it protects it.

Typical Areas of Coverage


Silver Package

Partial Hood
Partial Fenders

Gold Package

Full Hood
Full Fenders

Platinum Package

Full Vehicle

3M’s authorized installation network uses computer-cut film patterns specific to your car’s year, make, model, and trim level to ensure proper fit and finish.

If your vehicle has standard high gloss paint and you’d like to change it to a matte look, 3M’s matte PPF can do just that. Install it on part (sideview mirrors, hood stripes, etc) or all of the car for that desired look while protecting the paint underneath.
Ready to take the next step?

Every 3M paint protection film installation performed by our certified installation network is added to your vehicle’s Carfax report when you activate your warranty. Contact your certified installer for details.

3M holds the original patent to PPF, dating back to the 1960s.

Scotchgard Pro Series Matte Product Highlights

  • Matte Satin Finish

    Leaves the matte finish of your vehicle’s paint unchanged. And you can treat 3M PPF just like standard paint. It can be washed, waxed, and topped with a ceramic coating.

  • The Original

    3M Company holds the original patent to paint protection film, first producing it for the US military.

  • 8 mils (.008”) thick

    Other manufacturers advertise 8 mil thick films but fall short when measured with a micrometer. Those thinner films offer less protection than 3M’s slightly thicker film. Watch the video demonstration.

  • 10-Year Nationwide Warranty

    Manufacturer’s warranty is backed by a 120-year-old company that is also the original patent holder of PPF.

  • Self-Healing

    Unlike your car’s paint, light scratches to the film easily disappear in warmer temperatures or with some applied heat.

  • Hydrophobic & Stain-Resistant

    Film repels water, making it less likely its clear coat will stain or get water spots.

  • Non-Yellowing

    Today’s films do not yellow like they did in the past. 3M warranties that its films will not yellow.

  • Listed on Carfax

    3M PPF installed by a 3M-certified installer will appear on your vehicle’s Carfax report once you register your product warranty.

Accept No Substitutes

Watch the video to see how 3M stacks up to the completion (Xpel, SunTek / Llumar, STEK) in terms of thickness and protection.


Witness the Self-healing Technology of 3M PPF

Watch the video demonstration to witness the self-healing properties of 3M Paint Protection Film.


View Our Gallery of PPF Matte Photos